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IT Staffing Solution

At AH Technologies, LLC we are dedicated to bringing innovation to the workforce. Our IT Staffing services provide skilled personnel to work under your direction to help you develop, maintain, manage and support your applications. We are dedicated to develop long-term staffing strategies & have strong commitment to provide the highest quality talent in multiple areas across the organization. We not only work to keep pace with industry changes, we master them.


Engineers in various trades are now getting huge opportunities in big companies. We help Graduates and Post Graduates to get the best job in the market according to their Skill set. 

Permanent Hire Staffing

AH Technologies, LLC permanent hire staffing solutions provides high quality, pre-screened talented resources to our clients for employment on a permanent basis. We aim to serve as an extension of your team so that we can not only provide you with highly skilled professionals, but ensure that our candidate’s talent, work ethics & energy level compliment your company’s culture to help your business achieve your highest goals.

Contract Staffing Solutions

We understand the demand for short-term employees, companies rely on contractors to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements & reduce their workforce. We help companies of all sizes find the talent they need on a contract, contract-to-hire . At AH Technologies, LLC, we offer contract-staffing services for a wide range of industries, and provide highly skilled temporary talent on an as needed basis.

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About us

We, AH Technologies LLC situated at Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, is a leading placement agency that delivers the best opportunities to each individual. We churn out the real talent and place them to the positions and companies they are best suitable for. We are a vigilant placement consultancy, aiming to fulfil every individual’s employment needs. We guide you in your journey to achieve your desired job.

Consulting services

Need a deeper understanding of how to turn self-improvement into business success? Let us help you bring effective and sustainable change to work in your organization. Together, we can shape a successful future for you and your company. 

Coaching courses

Visualize the life factors which are holding your back, and recognize how your approach to work translates into results. During our coaching sessions, you’ll take a full audit of your professional experience, and identify opportunities for healthy growth. 

Being willing to do something different will often help you rise to the top where others don’t. Well behaved job seekers rarely land their dream job. Be willing to break the rules!

- Harry Urschel

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